Reno or Bust


It’s official. We are off to Reno at the end of October. We had been hoping and praying for Sean’s job to relocate his position to Reno, and now it is finally happening! This is a big move for our family, but I am so excited and ready for it to happen! The plus to the move is that we’ll only be a 4 hour drive from my parents. 🙂  I will also be able to stay home with Owen and homeschool him, which has been our goal from day 1. It’s a great feeling to know that it is finally happening!

Moving always is hard…and it sucks. I mean, who really wants to go through closets and junk and decide what to do with it? If it was up to Sean, he would throw everything out. hahah I really want to get rid of JUNK though and not drag with us a ton of extras that we don’t really use. So, I’m going to TRY and have the motto that if we haven’t used it in a year, we are getting rid of it. Granted, I will not be getting rid of yearbooks and diaries (that’s some good stuff!) but if I haven’t worn a pair of pants in a year, clearly I don’t need them.

Sean is in  Reno this week, working in the office up there. We haven’t found an apartment as of yet. Mainly because we want something close to Sean’s work, but not outrageously expensive. I’d love to have a backyard, so we are also looking into renting a duplex or townhouse. I mean, I must have room for a garden. Duh. 🙂

Also, if you’re in the market for some furniture and odds & ends, just let me know. We’re going to sell some of our items so we won’t have so much clutter.


About Erin

I'm a mom to the sweetest little boys ever, Owen & Colin. Owen was born in April of 2007 after 22 hours of active labor in a hospital. Love him more than life. Knowing I didn't feel another hospital birth was right for me, Colin was born at home surrounded by our 2 midwives and our little family. I've been married to my hubs for 7 years. We met in 1997 in an AOL Chatroom...the rest is history. I'm crazy. I'm funny. I am socially awkward. This is my life.

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