Love and Loss


We’ve all had our hearts broken at one point or another in our lives. The kind of broken heart where you write 5 pages about it in your diary, listen to “the song” over and over, cry yourself to sleep and eat embarrassing amounts of junk food.


High school break-up.


Putting a pet to sleep.


Marriage trouble.


It’s the uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that can’t be ignored. My family went through a major loss this past weekend. My beautiful sister was pregnant with her 3rd baby. Another baby that would definitely be the recipient of a “My Auntie Loves Me” onesie. A baby for our entire family to spoil rotten, just like we do with any new family member.

She went into labor too early on Saturday. Her sweet baby was born too soon and couldn’t survive on its own. I can’t even imagine losing someone I love so much in the way that she did. She was so far along. Almost half way there. We don’t know why it happened and it’s confusing to us all. My sister is healthy and a fighter and strong. Her kids are hearty and tough as nails. What happened?

If you have time, please say a prayer for my sister and her husband. They could use the prayers and good energy and healing vibes.

I know that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, it’s just really hard to accept that.


About Erin

I'm a mom to the sweetest little boys ever, Owen & Colin. Owen was born in April of 2007 after 22 hours of active labor in a hospital. Love him more than life. Knowing I didn't feel another hospital birth was right for me, Colin was born at home surrounded by our 2 midwives and our little family. I've been married to my hubs for 7 years. We met in 1997 in an AOL Chatroom...the rest is history. I'm crazy. I'm funny. I am socially awkward. This is my life.

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  1. Erin, I’m so sorry to hear that. I will definitely being thinking about you guys, and especially Taylor and her husband. 😦 Much love to you. I know you are hurting too. xoxo

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