20 Bags in 40 Days


Clutter drives me bonkers. Too much stuff is slowly starting to drive me over the edge (who would have thunk it, right?!) I mean, I’m the girl who has EVERY. SINGLE. birthday card from the ages of 1 through about 14. (My favorite one being when I was turning 7 from my Grams and PaPa…it’s a SCENTED Strawberry Shortcake card. My Grams wrote “Love you oodles and bunches” on the inside. Love it.)

Anyhoodle, since I’m pretty much a blog stalker, I figured I’d take this idea and run with it. Although she does 40 bags in 40 days, I figured I would start small. We don’t really have much room for a lot of clutter in our apartment, and we downsized a lot when we moved here. So, I think 20 bags is a perfect starting point for us.

Essentially, you divide your home into areas and one by one, go through those areas cleaning, decluttering, organizing and getting rid of stuff. Even if I don’t get rid of 20 bags, at least my home will be spotless, right?

I figure I will start this next Wednesday, on Ash Wednesday. Not that I’ve ever given anything up for Lent before, but maybe this year I can give up some of my stuff.

Anyone willing to do this with me? 🙂


About Erin

I'm a mom to the sweetest little boys ever, Owen & Colin. Owen was born in April of 2007 after 22 hours of active labor in a hospital. Love him more than life. Knowing I didn't feel another hospital birth was right for me, Colin was born at home surrounded by our 2 midwives and our little family. I've been married to my hubs for 7 years. We met in 1997 in an AOL Chatroom...the rest is history. I'm crazy. I'm funny. I am socially awkward. This is my life.

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  1. I think I’m gonna start next Wednesday (a week from today.) I will keep you posted on my outcome. Hopefully I can do it…I think I can, I think I can!

  2. I will plan to start the same day so we can both track our progress and share with each other. I know I will be more successful if I have a buddy. Yay!

    • This is perfect!! I know I’ll be more successful if I have someone holding me accountable! Good luck! Can’t wait to see your progress and I’ll share mine, too! Before and after pics?

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