Things I’m Loving


Maybe it’s cause I’m preggo, maybe it’s because I’m feeling incredibly stuck in our tiny apartment while it’s still in the 50’s outside and pouring rain and I have no idea how to entertain an energetic 4 year old while I’m nauseous and I’m starving…..but here are a few things I’m totally loving right now.

Sonic: Cherry Limeade. Route 44 size. Go between 2-4 for Happy Hour and get this little drink of heaven half off. Hubby started a new job today in downtown (near the Sonic) and I asked him to pick me one up after work. Fingers crossed.

Blooma Sateen Bedding

Garnet Hill: This fancy, incredibly cute duvet cover. (It’s part of the Blooma collection.) I love our rainbow colored Pottery Barn duvet cover, but I like change. This just says RELAX.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip. You better believe that I got all the ingredients at the store to make this. I’m halfway tempted to just go make it now. As dinner. I also got a breadbowl to cook it in. YUM. I’m starving.

Sweet Tea. From McDonalds. Don’t judge. I swear, it helps me with morning sickness and nausea more than ginger ale and my motion sickness bands. YUM. And it’s only a dollar. I love a good bargain.

Old Navy Maternity Tees. I just got this one on clearance this weekend. I’m actually wearing it today. I heart it. It totally does not look like it’s maternity when it’s on. Just flowy. I also got 2 long sleeve maternity shirts for 97 cents each. SCORE.

So, what are you all loving this week? My stomach is growling. Apparently my Subway sandwich and half box of Raisinets didn’t fill me up. Spinach & Artichoke Dip anyone?

Also, a huge shout out to my hubby. He started his new job with Dell today. As of 3:00, he was JUST eating lunch because he was “working hard.” He gets off at 4:30. He won’t be hungry for dinner. More dip for me. Great job on your new…uh, job, Honey! We are so proud of you!! xoxo


About Erin

I'm a mom to the sweetest little boys ever, Owen & Colin. Owen was born in April of 2007 after 22 hours of active labor in a hospital. Love him more than life. Knowing I didn't feel another hospital birth was right for me, Colin was born at home surrounded by our 2 midwives and our little family. I've been married to my hubs for 7 years. We met in 1997 in an AOL Chatroom...the rest is history. I'm crazy. I'm funny. I am socially awkward. This is my life.

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