39 Weeks and I’m Going to be Pregnant FOREVER


I’ve pretty much reached the point where I know I’m going to be pregnant forever. This child is never coming out of me. He will seriously have to get his high school diploma while still inside me. I keep having contractions and still, no baby. I mean, he’s never coming out.


Two days ago, I had contractions for 10 hours. I kid you not. From noon until 10pm, I had contractions, every 2-4 minutes apart. I was timing them. Although they did get more intense, I never felt like I needed to push. (My hubby was very happy with this. He only asked me 47 times if he should call my midwife.) Finally, around 10, we decided to watch an episode of Psych. They went away. I had nightmares about The Exorcist (I’ve never seen the movie, fyi…just had the nightmares.) I woke up at 4 to get my usual bowl of Cheerios, Hubby comes into the hall (lights out, just his shadow) and clears his throat. I thought I was going to lose it. And I pretty much did. I was going to scream, but no scream came out, so it was just that weird half scream, half I-can’t-breathe thing. It’s funny now. Wasn’t funny then. I can never watch scary movies. Hubby can’t do zombies either, so I guess we’re a good match.

On another note, this baby is never coming out of me. I’m huge. I’m cranky. I’m miserable and can’t sleep and hungry ALL THE DANG TIME and I’m 110% sure that I’m never having a baby.

AND, my pregnancy journal ONLY goes to 39 weeks. Not 40 weeks. What will happen if I do get to 40 weeks? Or 41?! Then what, people??

Pregnancy Highlights!

How Far Along: 39 Weeks. No exclamation point this week.

Size of Baby: 20 inches and 7 lbs, according to Baby Gaga

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don’t care to say. I had to get weighed at my last appt with my midwife and apparently, my scale is wrong. WAY WRONG people. I plead the 5th on this one.

Maternity Clothes: Totally sick of elastic pants and shirts not covering my belly.

Gender: A BOY! Colin Whitney

Movement: Colin is still really moving a lot. The contractions don’t really slow him down. He’s still active in between them, so I pretty much either have a tight belly or a moving belly at all times. 🙂

Sleep: That’s a big fat negative.

What I Miss: Not being a cranky mess. I think Hubby is tired of my attitude. I’m tired of me, too.

Cravings: Ice. And coke. And cupcakes.

Symptoms: Just about a thousand contractions…..maybe more. 😉

Best Moment This Week: My sis bought me some cloth diapers and is mailing them to me. They are newborn size…it’s the little things.

39 Weeks. I'm huge. And tired. And so over this pregnancy thing. And Owen has decided he wants to be a garbage man who picks up trash on the side of the road, hence the bag and "clamper" for trash.


About Erin

I'm a mom to the sweetest little boys ever, Owen & Colin. Owen was born in April of 2007 after 22 hours of active labor in a hospital. Love him more than life. Knowing I didn't feel another hospital birth was right for me, Colin was born at home surrounded by our 2 midwives and our little family. I've been married to my hubs for 7 years. We met in 1997 in an AOL Chatroom...the rest is history. I'm crazy. I'm funny. I am socially awkward. This is my life.

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