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Starting Day


It’s a good thing I got a jump start on my project yesterday, because today nothing has been completed. Hubby worked his usual day yesterday, and then he had to go back in to work at midnight to help the UK with some computer probs. He didn’t get home until noon today. So, he worked 12 hours on top of the 8 he already worked, plus he didn’t sleep last night. Needless to say, we are having to be quiet in our house right now while Daddy is asleep.

Owen is being entertained (as I am) by the movie Ramona and Beezus. Thank you for an actual G-rated movie. It’s cute and wonderful and perhaps I have gotten teary eyed while watching it. Perhaps.

I’ll be back on schedule tomorrow with my 40 Days project!



Day -1


I kinda got a jump start on my 20 Bags in 40 Days project. It was more out of necessity than anything. I literally could not squeeze one more thing into our coat closet. It was bad.

Here are the before and after pics!

Just keepin’ it real…lots of stuff was in here….lots.


The top half of the messy coat closet

See the orange flip flop in the picture below. It’s a size 7. Owen wears a 10.

See the blue bag next to said flip flop? That holds Sean’s commercial diving helmet, and on top of that is his weight belt. He hasn’t been offshore in 7 years.

The bottom half of messy coat closet

In the catch-all area, I just put a big bin there so we could drop our winter stuff in it and easily find it. Scarves, gloves, mittens, beanies…my purse.

Our messy catch-all area. Messy.

It still holds a lot of stuff, mainly because winter stuff is so dang bulky, but it’s organized! Shoes on the left (Sean’s on top, mine in the middle and Owen’s on bottom.)

The coats are organized with Owen’s on the left, then mine and Sean’s on the right. On the very right are our snow pants (mine are the neon blue.)


The AFTER pic. Top of closet.

I think it looks so much better. After I cleaned out all of Sean’s dive gear, the green box of biking stuff, 3 pairs of shoes that no longer fit and a camping chair (what?!), I had room for the Winter Stuff bin inside the closet. And a hiding place for Owen (see far right.) 🙂


After pic. Bottom of coat closet.

With the bin being in the closet now, I put our tuffet in it’s spot. Now we can sit down to remove our shoes when we come in, instead of walking half way across the house before getting to a seating area.

The former catch-all area.

I think Day -1 was a success. Hubby was surprised. I think more surprised that I was actually able to carry all his dive gear out to the garage by myself. (Owen did carry the hard hat. Thanks, Buddy.)