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Russian Red Lipstick


I’ve been wanting to try red lipstick for some time now. Being that I have NEVER owned a tube of lipstick in my life, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I only knew one thing: I did not want to look like a clown.

I got a boost of confidence from my hometown friend, Laura after reading this post.

My mom went to MAC and asked the lady if there was a shade of red they had that would look good on a variety of skin tones. My mom is more olive, like my youngest sis. I’m pale as a ghost and have to use the lightest shade of Bare Minerals.

The MAC salesperson recommended Russian Red. Bonus: it comes in a tube with Wonder Woman on it. Awesome.

I just got it in the mail today. You be the verdict. Too clownish? Too red? Too pink? Please note that I’m under the fancy fluorescent lights in our apartment bathroom. It’s snowing outside and way overcast, so I couldn’t take a picture near a window for a more natural light.


After. Pardon the goofy grin. And crack eye.

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

I think it looks more reddish pink on me than in the tube, but it’s growing on me. Owen told me my lips looked weird. Then wanted to wear some. I said no, not because I’m not an awesome mom like that (his nails are red, for crying out loud) but because I don’t want red little lip stains all over my furniture.

What do you think? To red or not to red?