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21 Weeks


It was a good week. Found out we’re having a BOY! Got a new king size bed (more room!) and got an awesome comforter for the bed, too. King size sheets are WAY bigger than queen. Just saying. I had a hard time folding them by myself. Our bed gets delivered Tuesday or Wednesday and I cannot wait! It also came with a headboard and the frame. And a LED TV. Not sure what the TV had to do with the mattress, but it was a package deal. I guess the TV will just be a fancy prop since we don’t have cable. 😉

Pregnancy Highlights!

How Far Along: 21 weeks. It’s flying by!

Size of Baby: At my ultrasound, the tech said the baby measures between 10-12 inches!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still in no rush to jump on that scale. 🙂

Maternity Clothes: Everything. Clearly, I am not the size XS that I was when I was pregnant with Owen. None of those clothes are fitting me anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. haha

Gender: BOY!!! Say what?! I almost fell off the table when she told me. And showed me his “guy gear” three separate times. I wanted to make sure. Yep…he’s all boy!

Movement: Oh yes. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how active our boy is. Just like his brother.

Sleep: I am hoping the new bed helps with the sleep. I’m also hoping I’ll have more room. Somehow, Owen and the cat seem to gravitate towards me around 11pm.

What I Miss: Sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. I suppose it’s all in preparation for this new little one.

Cravings: Still ice water. STILL. And today I really wanted Velveeta and Ro-Tel queso. I didn’t give in though. I’m being good and had a snack of fruit. Boring, but healthy.

Symptoms: A little crankiness here and there. ha!

Best Moment This Week: Finding out we are having another BOY!!! AND, starting to plan my baby shower for early November. Sure, it’s a little early, but it snows here and I don’t want to get snowed in and not be able to come to my own shower. Awkward. 🙂

21 Weeks with my TWO boys! And a truck...and a tiny Pooh Bear....


Saturday Morning Fever


Since the sun decided to hide out this morning, the boys decided to have a shirtless dance party inside.



This was the first year that our boys were old enough to understand what “hunting for Easter eggs” meant. We took them over to our mom’s house and hid about 2 dozen eggs for them. They were so cute, running all over hunting for the eggs. Here are a few photo’s from the day.