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My Birthday


So….I have a birthday coming up this week. How silly is it that I completely forgot until a friend mentioned it today? My brain/memory just doesn’t seem to be working these days like I’m used to. 🙂

Wednesday, we are driving to my mama’s house until Saturday. Friday, mom and I are having girls day at the spa in Berkeley. I am SO looking forward to it. That night, we’re planning a family get together and then Saturday we are driving back home. Hopefully, we’ll get home in time to take Owen to his friend’s birthday party. (Fingers crossed!) Speaking of that birthday party, I need to find time to get a gift for him. Or make a gift? Hmm. What would a 4 year old boy like? Owen has suggested: a Buzz Lightyear talking doll (my budget is not $50+), a paper airplane (while awesome, not what I had in mind) and a swimming pool. We’ll keep brain storming.

Also, I wasn’t really sure if we were going to share baby boy’s name before he was born, but hubby spilled the beans on Facebook today. 🙂 He told me as soon as he wrote it, he forgot if we were going to share or not. hahah Oh well, a little late now. Baby Boy’s name will be Colin. We are so excited that we have a name for him, and that we can now refer to him as “Colin” instead of “little baby” or “it.”

I guess that’s it for tonight. Colin is kicking up a storm and my maternity pants are unbuttoned as I sit here on the couch. No pictures, please. 🙂


Saturday Randoms


Even though today is technically Saturday, it feels more like our Sunday. Hubby has Thursday, Friday & Saturday off work, so when he goes to work on Sunday, it feels like Monday. Confused? Me too.

Tonight I made mac & cheese for Owen’s dinner, because he doesn’t like BBQ sandwiches. (He’s not doing bread right now, he informed me last week.) So, after I take the boiling macaroni off the stove top, I do what any other pregnant woman does. I lay the new package of hamburger buns (still in the plastic) on the hot burner. I know I had 4 to choose from, but being the ding dong I’ve been lately, I chose the red hot one. I didn’t even notice until I touched the burner and burnt my finger. Who am I?!

I prefer my candy corn to be cool. Not cold, like in the fridge, but definitely not warmish. I told hubby that if we had a wine cellar (cause we are such big drinkers and all) I’d prefer us to also keep the candy corn down there.

I think we have narrowed down our baby boy names to a Top 4 list. Middle names are hard. Hubby says I get to name this baby because he picked Owen’s name, but every name I suggest he tells me no. It makes me feel a little stressed, because I only have about 18 weeks to decide on a name. hahaha

Our KING SIZE BED gets delivered Tuesday….between 8 and 5. Good thing I have no plans for that day. I’ve already washed and dried our comforter and sheet set. Can’t wait to have more room!

On another bed related note, Owen has decided he now wants to sleep on the edge of the bed instead of in the middle. We put up the bed rail last night (good thing it’s been collecting all that dust under our bed) and he slept all night on the side. He slept great. I got to snuggle with my hubby (it’s only been 4 years…) As a bonus, when I had to get up to pee at 2am, Hubby was able to push me out of bed with his foot. That’s love, my friends.

A candy I DO prefer at room temp, or slightly warmer, Red Vines.

I leave you with some pictures of today.

Mad soccer skillz

Excellent follow through.

Kicking the ball to Daddy

My point of view on a Saturday

Whitney 3.5

My sweet boy



Change is hard for me. I like routine. I like predictability. I like looking at my calendar and knowing my week is planned out.

With that said, I think there also comes a time in life when you are ready for a change, even welcome it with open arms. I’ve hit that point. I have all of these fantastically fantastic ideas for our new home, routine, homeschooling, eco-friendly living, growing a garden, etc. But I feel stuck. Almost like I physically cannot move forward with my plans where I’m at.

I know this has everything to do with the fact that I just need to be patient. I need to wait. And that is hard.

We’re in an apartment. A tiny apartment. Half of our living room is now being used as a holding place for the items that came out of our garage that won’t fit into our new storage unit. It will remain this way until we purchase our home and move into it, in mid-December. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I want to organize and plan and get things going.

So, until we move and gain more space and a backyard, Owen and I will continue to escape these four walls by going to our pool and having picnic lunches. We’ll go on family walks up the hills near our home, with Owen falling asleep in the jogging stroller each time. We’ll continue to enjoy the outdoors while we’re having a quick break from incredibly hot weather.

And I’ll continue to be patient.

Father’s Day and Random Thoughts


It is customary for the parent who is being honored to choose the breakfast location for the day. So, yesterday being Father’s Day, Sean got to pick. He chose IHOP. It did not surprise me, and I actually told Owen when we first woke up that I think we’ll be going there for breakfast. Now, normally we do not go out for breakfast. Yesterday was Owen’s first trip ever to IHOP. I think he had a crackerjack of a time. And because I’m always curious as to what people order when they go out to eat, here is what we had. Sean: CinnaStax (with an “x”) pancakes. They tasted just like cinnamon rolls. Yum. He had the Splashberry to drink. (Sprite, orange juice and strawberries. YUM.) Owen: Smiley face pancakes. He ate the bananas and part of the pancake dipped in strawberry syrup. He had apple juice to drink. Preggo: French toast with eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. In my defense, Owen did help me eat half the eggs. I was hungry. I also had the Splashberry to drink. Delish!

Sean got a Kindle a few weeks ago, but didn’t have a cover for it. Here is Sean opening his present from Owen. Owen also decorated the back of a paper bag and we used it as wrapping paper. On the inside of the card he got Sean, Owen drew a lemon and an acorn.

Owen telling Daddy everything he drew on the wrapping paper.


Best Buddies


Owen has really become a bed hog lately. I mean, he’s always liked to sleep next to on top of us, but now he’s just taking up all that extra bed that my belly will need. haha!

Example 1: The windmill


Example 2: The Kick-In-the-Face pose


I mentioned a few days ago that Owen and I went swimming last week. Here are a couple of pictures that I got. This is after the pool water drinking, and after tears were wiped.

He loves this hat. He has worn it out in public quite a few times.


Too cool to look at the camera.

Owen and I are going to my mom and dad’s on Wednesday, while Sean has to stay and work. I’m in the middle of doing laundry today and am going to start packing a bit, just so I don’t feel rushed.

Also, last week when I sunburned my legs, apparently, my scalp got burned also. It’s so awesome that it’s peeling. I’m using jojoba oil as a head massage oil. I hope it works. I have a hair appointment Friday and really don’t want to have a peeling head. Ugh.


South Lake Tahoe


Last Friday, we packed up our Swagger Wagon and headed to South Lake Tahoe. Sean’s sweet coworker, Denise, invited us to stay in their guest suite for the weekend. We had never met her hubby, Mark, but he was so wonderful. And a bonus, he LOVES kids, and Owen made a new friend.

We arrived late Friday, and Denise & Mark had pizza ready for us. Their house is so beautiful and the backyard overlooks tons of trees. Also a bonus, they had about 5 feet of snow.

Saturday morning, we all went out to breakfast at The Getaway Cafe. It’s a sweet little house that has been transformed into a sweeter little restaurant. I had the Whole Earth omelet. YUM. After we were full and energized, Sean, Owen and I decided to check out the local sledding options. Right down the street from the cafe was a golf course that was being used for sledding, since there was so much snow. After 2 times (slowly….) down the hill, Owen declared he was done. Super. Quickest $30 we’ve ever spent. ($10 per person/hour)

So, we packed up ourselves and headed back to Denise and Mark’s house. We had planned ahead and bought our snow/sand castle molds, and we set to work building an igloo, per Owen’s request. The snow was too powdery for anything to really stick, but we had a fun time anyways.

We definitely had a GREAT time and plan on going back. The guest suite we stayed in was FANTASTIC! Our own flat screen tv, mini fridge, huge bathroom with tons of products. Heaven.

Mark and Denise's backyward

Owen with a mouthful of snow

Our igloo...err, pile of snow

Owen and his new buddy, Mark, watching cartoons

Hubby’s Birthday Weekend


We drove back to the Bay this past weekend to celebrate Hubby’s birthday with my family. The weather was fantastic. And by fantastic, I mean I wore a t-shirt and my parents had all the windows open in their house. Lovely. It was exactly what I needed: Family time, 70 degree weather and cake.

Friday, Sean drove to Fairfield to have lunch with a coworker, so Owen and I went and had sushi with my sis in Walnut Creek. Afterwards, we stopped in the Tuesday Morning in the same shopping center. I only found about 30 lamps that I wanted to buy. So cute and funky and bright colors. Too bad we live in a 700 sq ft apartment and we don’t need any more lamps. 😦

Saturday afternoon we had a cookout at my parents and my sis and her family came over. My dad grilled the most delicious chicken and steak ever. So yum. Mom made macaroni and cheese (note to mom: I must have that recipe) and then we had a white layer cake with a mint chocolate frosting, covered in mini chocolate chips. Thanks, Cook’s Country! It was so good.

Here are a few pics from the weekend:

Owen, Nonni and Bennett out on the deck


Owen singing to Daddy

My sweet girl, Jianna, wearing her mama's flip flops


Nonni and Owen, posing for the camera

I have a gazillion pictures on our new camera we got, so here are a few. 🙂 I won’t overload this blog with them…at least not today.

Owen and Daddy climbing at the park

Owen and Daddy

Owen and I cooking dinner. I hope he stops crossing his eyes soon...

Owen jumping on our bed