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Fabric Softener/ Dryer Sheet Recipe


We’ve been using a TON of dryer sheets. More than I’d like to admit. The air in Reno is SO dry. I get shocked almost every time I touch something metal in our house. (I refuse to open our file cabinet.) We run a humidifier 24/7, but it’s just a dry climate. If I don’t add a dryer sheet (or two) to our load of clothes in the dryer, they come out full of static and sticking together. I figure there has to be a better way than to spend lots of money on disposable dryer sheets.

Enter: The Duggars.

I got my laundry detergent recipe from them, so I decided to look up a dryer sheet recipe on their website. Yep, they had it. Crafty people.

Here is what I used.

Dryer Sheet ingredients

I used 1 small container of Downy fabric softener. It was already $2 off at Target, plus I had another $1.75 off in coupons for it. And it smells divine. I’ll probably go with something greener next time. (Side note: You can also use vinegar in your rinse cycle as an alternative to this recipe, but I absolutely hate the smell of vinegar.) Get the sponges without the rough scrubber or else it can snag on your clothes. You’ll also need a container. I would have preferred a small bucket with a lid, but this is what I had and it will fit on top of my dryer nicely. You also need water.

The recipe calls for 2 parts water to 1 part fabric softener. I didn’t use the entire bottle of fabric softener, but instead measured 4 cups of it into the container and added 8 cups of water.

Cut your sponges in half.

Colorful sponges make laundry fun!

Then, have your son add the sponges slowly so you can take pictures. (Yes, it was past noon and he was still in his jammies. I asked him to change and he said, “But I feel so happy in my jammies. It makes me smile inside.”) So, jammies at noon it is.

Remind your child 3 times NOT to make a splash with the liquid.

Also remind your son that even though this is pretty like water, he should not drink it. Son will then remind you he's 4 and not a baby like the one in my tummy.

When you are ready to use, wring out the extra mixture from one sponge and toss it in your dryer as you would a dryer sheet. I obviously did not need to cut up all 4 sponges because I will never have 8 loads of clothing drying at the same time. I figure I could have just cut up 2 sponges for the time being, but I like to give 110%. 🙂