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iPhone/ Table Craft Project


Yep…I joined the club. Crossed over to the dark side. I’m now one of the cool kids…I got an iPhone. Both Sean and I got the iPhone this weekend. And I kid you not, it is one of the greatest (technological) things in my life right now. As I type this, I’m listening to my iPod songs (John Mayer), sending my hubby a text message and checking my Facebook status. Life is good.

It has TONS of neat apps, and all of the ones I’ve gotten so far are free. That’s in my price range.

PLUS, I’ve also finished (almost) our dining room table. Here is the picture I took yesterday.

I sanded down our old hand-me-down oak round table, first. Then, I painted it with primer (spray paint), in a grey color. I then did 2 coats of a dark red/maroon spray paint. I wet sanded the last coat with a 400 grit sandpaper. I found a star hanging in my house that I liked the size of. I traced it onto the middle of my table, and outlined it in blue painter’s tape, so that the inside of the star would remain the red color. I painted outside of that in a Crackle Glaze made by Behr paints. I allowed that to dry, approximately 2 hours. On top of the crackle, I painted an egg shell/cream color, which crackled, showing the red through the cracks.

And voila! My table. All left to do are the chairs….and paint the table in my clear coat glaze to protect it.

Here is the top of the table. Kind of a bad picture, but I’ll take more when it’s complete!

Dining Room Table

Dining Room Table