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Just for Fun….A Comparison


38 Weeks pregnant with Owen





38 Weeks pregnant with Colin


I think it’s safe to say that Colin may be a little bigger than Owen? Granted, I gained 47 pounds with Owen and so far, only 26-ish with Colin. πŸ™‚


2 More Months. Yikes!


I know this is technically a day late, but here it is anyways. I literally have only 2 months before baby’s due date. So insane, right? When I was pregnant with Owen, I felt like my gestation time was that of an elephant. I felt I was pregnant WAY longer than 38 weeks with him. And with this one, I feel like I should only be 3 months along. Yet, here I am. Getting bigger by the day. πŸ™‚

Owen and I stopped by Goodwill yesterday to see if we could score some more cloth diapers. We did not have any luck, but I was able to pick up some newborn beanies and a couple of blankets. Owen also picked out a book, Arthur’s Underwear, which we have read no less than a gazillion times since we brought it home. Owen also got a paper cut from one of the books. No need to worry. Because pregnancy turns me into OCD with germs, it was washed, rinsed and sanitized.

I figure at some point, I’ll have to go and buy a few more nursing bras/tank tops. Apparently, nursing bras do not last 5 years, just fyi. I picked up a 3-pack of hooded towels and wash cloths this past weekend with a gift card I had, and hubby surprised me with a new nursing pillow. I have a Boppy already, but I had been drooling over the My Brest Friend pillowΒ for a while now. I’m really excited to have both. Owen has already tested the pillow out for me, by wearing it around the house and holding Mala Sandy (cabbage patch kid) on it. It won’t fit around my pumpkin belly, so Owen was generous enough to give it a trial run.

In potty training news, we are making progress. To fill you in, Owen is TERRIFIED of the potty. I mean, crying, shaking scared of the thing. We let him pick out a potty seat that goes on top of our toilet (if you are curious, he chose Disney Princesses) and we made a sticker chart. Every time he sits on the potty, we count to a number (1-30) and put a sticker on the number we stopped on. Make sense? Anyhoodle, we are up to number 23 and he is so proud of all his stickers. (Also if you are curious, he chose Tinkerbell stickers.) When he gets to 30, we are going to Chuck E Cheese. I’m not sure what the next chart will consist of (probably not peeing in the toilet yet, but something more than sitting) so I’m trying to think of ideas. He is also scared of flushing the potty. It’s fine if I do it, but he won’t even touch the handle. Perhaps sitting and flushing? Even though this is definitely not how I thought potty training would go, hubby & I are so proud of him. This is a huge step for him and we really praise him. Baby steps.

Well, it’s 9am and I hear Owen finally waking up. Guess I’ll get our day started. πŸ™‚

Mommy Guilt


It’s the worst kind of guilt. Trust me. My day has almost been ruined by it. We decided to tackle potty training. And by “we” I really mean “me.” I let Owen pick which day he wanted to ditch the diapers and wear big boy undies. Trips to Chuck E Cheese were promised. All was well, even up until last night at bedtime.

Then, he woke up this morning and all that literally went down the potty.

It took me an hour and a half to convince him to take off his pajama pants and diaper. 90 minutes people. All the while, he is crying hysterical and can’t even get one word out. I tried to be nice, patient, pregnant mom, telling him to use his words, what is he feeling, etc? Then, we hit the 2 hour mark, and somewhere in there I lost it, right along with him. I kept asking him why the tears, I just wanted him to put on the undies. Who even cares about the potty at this point.

And then.

He yelled at me.

He has NEVER yelled at me before. Never. Not even once. I know, so insane that a 4 1/2 year old doesn’t yell at his parents, but he doesn’t. He is always so patient and sweet…and I pushed him too hard. And he lost it. And after he yelled at me (for the record, he yelled “I want a diaper”), both he and I had a good long cry. Maybe I cried longer and harder than he did…maybe it’s the pregnancy.

I gave in. I gave him the silly diaper and he put it on and magically, he was back to his old self. Singing the alphabet to me and bringing me some grapes. And now I have guilt.

Is he not ready? Is this a power struggle? Or is this really about me wanting my kid to fit in with the others? He’ll be 5 in April…shouldn’t he wear undies??

I give up. It’s not worth the tears and frustration and huge amount of guilt on my part. And it’s not worth crushing his spirit so that I can say We Did It.

He’s asleep next to me on the couch, his little feet running in his sleep because I’m sure he’s having a dream. And he’s happy. He’s healthy. He’s so smart. He’s thriving. He LOVES unconditionally. So what if he wears diapers?

Father’s Day and Random Thoughts


It is customary for the parent who is being honored to choose the breakfast location for the day. So, yesterday being Father’s Day, Sean got to pick. He chose IHOP. It did not surprise me, and I actually told Owen when we first woke up that I think we’ll be going there for breakfast. Now, normally we do not go out for breakfast. Yesterday was Owen’s first trip ever to IHOP. I think he had a crackerjack of a time. And because I’m always curious as to what people order when they go out to eat, here is what we had. Sean: CinnaStax (with an “x”) pancakes. They tasted just like cinnamon rolls. Yum. He had the Splashberry to drink. (Sprite, orange juice and strawberries. YUM.) Owen: Smiley face pancakes. He ate the bananas and part of the pancake dipped in strawberry syrup. He had apple juice to drink. Preggo: French toast with eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. In my defense, Owen did help me eat half the eggs. I was hungry. I also had the Splashberry to drink. Delish!

Sean got a Kindle a few weeks ago, but didn’t have a cover for it. Here is Sean opening his present from Owen. Owen also decorated the back of a paper bag and we used it as wrapping paper. On the inside of the card he got Sean, Owen drew a lemon and an acorn.

Owen telling Daddy everything he drew on the wrapping paper.


Best Buddies


Owen has really become a bed hog lately. I mean, he’s always liked to sleep next to on top of us, but now he’s just taking up all that extra bed that my belly will need. haha!

Example 1: The windmill


Example 2: The Kick-In-the-Face pose


I mentioned a few days ago that Owen and I went swimming last week. Here are a couple of pictures that I got. This is after the pool water drinking, and after tears were wiped.

He loves this hat. He has worn it out in public quite a few times.


Too cool to look at the camera.

Owen and I are going to my mom and dad’s on Wednesday, while Sean has to stay and work. I’m in the middle of doing laundry today and am going to start packing a bit, just so I don’t feel rushed.

Also, last week when I sunburned my legs, apparently, my scalp got burned also. It’s so awesome that it’s peeling. I’m using jojoba oil as a head massage oil. I hope it works. I have a hair appointment Friday and really don’t want to have a peeling head. Ugh.


Snow Day Fun


We got snow. I mean, lots of snow (for us, at least.) Friday afternoon, while it was still snowing, Owen and I decided to make a fort, then a snowman, then an igloo, and then about 300 snowballs. It was lots of fun, until we discovered that our gloves were soaking wet on the outside, and we started getting cold. Here are a few pics from this weekend. Yeah for snow!


Owen and Mr. Snowman


Going for a sled ride

Owen and his sled

“Canny Lann”


Last night, Owen decided he wanted to play CandyLand. I don’t know how many of you have 3 year olds, but they do not like to lose. So, we have a little unspoken rule around here that we stack the cards. That’s right, WE’RE CHEATERS. Trust me, it’s just easier that way.

Owen setting up the game for us

Moving his Green Man...Owen is ALWAYS the green man

After our rousing game of Cheater Land, we did an art project. Owen drew Grandpa Dodd and his knee surgery with a robot. He’s nothing if not thorough.

Getting ready for a little art project