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I’m Weepy


Like, crazy person on the subway who mumbles something to herself and then busts out in tears. That’s me. Two nights ago, I was feeling particularly weepy and for no apparent reason. Okay, there was a reason. I was tired, but didn’t want to go to sleep because I knew I’d just have to wake back up in a couple of hours to go to the bathroom. A pity party, pretty much. And then the tears just started flowing. Like, hysterical, can’t catch my breath tears. Poor Owen came into the bedroom in the middle of my tear fest and had a look of shock on his face. I heard him go into the living room to get hubby. Owen says to Hubby: Um, Daddy….we have a problem. Thanks, buddy. Hubby comes in, asks if I’m in labor (what?!) and then tries to calm me down, because at this point I’m probably freaking him out, too. After a good long cry (and a headache, awesome) I felt better.

But let’s face it. That was almost 48 hours ago. The tears have had time to build back up. Owen told me this morning I was the “beautifullist” and they started flowing again.

Who have I turned into??

On a side note, my appointment this morning with  my  midwife was great. After drinking SmartWater and taking Emergen C for 3 weeks, my leukocyte levels are NORMAL. (They were +2 at my last appointment.) So, I’ll just keep up the good work and moving forward. My next appointment in 2 weeks was supposed to be a home visit, but since we don’t have a house yet, we’ll postpone it for now. (I’m still having my appointment, just not at my house.) I’m measuring right on track at 34 cm (I’ll be 34 weeks Friday) and Colin’s heartbeat is good and strong in the 140’s.

We’re driving to my mom and dad’s house tomorrow for our “Early Christmas” so my Friday 34 Week post may be late. Or it may show some awesome pictures of my sis and I pretending to drink wine with Tammy the Tree Topper. Which will be hilarious, since we’re both preggo and won’t be drinking anytime soon. Ha!

I gotta go get a snack. I’m starving. 🙂


Some Random Thoughts


Now that I’m more than halfway through this pregnancy, my mind starts to play tricks on me. (This also happened when I was pregnant with Owen, so I more or less expected it at some point…) What if I can’t push this baby out? What if I seriously just freak the heck out and panic and can’t calm down and I’m stuck at home? I seriously just start to play the “what if” game and my brain won’t turn it off. I get all scared and start crying and really think that I’ll fail at this.

And that’s what I’m afraid of. Failing.

At childbirth. At mothering. At something my body was designed to do. What if I just can’t do it?

I get all worried inside, just like the first day of 7th grade. My first time at a public school with more than 10 kids in my grade level. And I just hear my mom telling me I gonna get an ulcer if I don’t let it go. (For the record, I hated going to school. I would worry myself to sleep at night and wake up with an upset stomach every morning.) I never learned to let it go.

I’m assuming this is normal and all pregnant women go through this at some point, especially when planning a first time home birth. Right? RIGHT??

On a more positive note, I made a delicious batch of cherry limeades, so I’ve been enjoying those lately.

And we get to look at houses on Thursday. Yeah!

I seriously worry too much.

Saturday Randoms


Even though today is technically Saturday, it feels more like our Sunday. Hubby has Thursday, Friday & Saturday off work, so when he goes to work on Sunday, it feels like Monday. Confused? Me too.

Tonight I made mac & cheese for Owen’s dinner, because he doesn’t like BBQ sandwiches. (He’s not doing bread right now, he informed me last week.) So, after I take the boiling macaroni off the stove top, I do what any other pregnant woman does. I lay the new package of hamburger buns (still in the plastic) on the hot burner. I know I had 4 to choose from, but being the ding dong I’ve been lately, I chose the red hot one. I didn’t even notice until I touched the burner and burnt my finger. Who am I?!

I prefer my candy corn to be cool. Not cold, like in the fridge, but definitely not warmish. I told hubby that if we had a wine cellar (cause we are such big drinkers and all) I’d prefer us to also keep the candy corn down there.

I think we have narrowed down our baby boy names to a Top 4 list. Middle names are hard. Hubby says I get to name this baby because he picked Owen’s name, but every name I suggest he tells me no. It makes me feel a little stressed, because I only have about 18 weeks to decide on a name. hahaha

Our KING SIZE BED gets delivered Tuesday….between 8 and 5. Good thing I have no plans for that day. I’ve already washed and dried our comforter and sheet set. Can’t wait to have more room!

On another bed related note, Owen has decided he now wants to sleep on the edge of the bed instead of in the middle. We put up the bed rail last night (good thing it’s been collecting all that dust under our bed) and he slept all night on the side. He slept great. I got to snuggle with my hubby (it’s only been 4 years…) As a bonus, when I had to get up to pee at 2am, Hubby was able to push me out of bed with his foot. That’s love, my friends.

A candy I DO prefer at room temp, or slightly warmer, Red Vines.

I leave you with some pictures of today.

Mad soccer skillz

Excellent follow through.

Kicking the ball to Daddy

My point of view on a Saturday

Whitney 3.5

My sweet boy

Jazzy New Blog Look


I was getting tired of the brown and green blog look. I feel the crazy colorful swirls are more me. 🙂 Plus, it was a free background. Free is in my price range.

Not a lot going on today. Sean started his work week today, so it’s just my rock star and I at home today. Our plans include making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, homemade granola bars and some black beans, sausage and rice in the slow cooker for Sean’s lunches this week.

We are still slowly moving all of the contents of our garage to our storage unit. I’m pretty sure I overdid it a couple of days ago and my stomach was feeling a little crazy, and perhaps it’s in my head, but I swear I couldn’t feel the baby move as much. That really worried me. I made sure to get plenty of rest yesterday and drank tons of water, and lo and behold, last night this little kicker was back to kicking. 🙂 So, today I’m taking it slow, just baking and cooking and relaxing all day.

And who in the world let me buy XS maternity clothes?! Just because that’s the size I wore with Owen CLEARLY does not mean that is the size I’m wearing with this baby. Gonna have to get some big girl pants soon. 😉

Well, I’m off to make cookies. I leave you with this picture of my sweet boy.

This boy makes me laugh so much!