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What I’m Wearing- Link Up


My friend, Laura over at Hollywood Housewife is hosting a brag book seasonal style link up today. So…here’s what I’ve been wearing a lot of this summer….skirts, dresses, shorts. 🙂 And because she is pregnant, and another mama who has already posted is pregnant, I feel a little more confident posting this.

Reno has been hot. And when I’m preggo, I tend to run warmer. I’m always hot. I woke up last night to find hubby and Owen snuggled up together under a sheet and quilt, while I was kicking off the blankets and aiming the fan right on me. Sorry boys. Because I feel most of the time my pregnancy “glow” is really just a layer of sweat, I’ve really come to embrace flowy shirts and skirts. Granted, I feel prettier if I’m in a fitted maternity shirt, but I get so dang hot.

Here are a few examples of my outfits I’ve been rocking lately.

My Afternoon Delight Dress

I got this dress at Forever 21 before I even knew I was pregnant. But, we had been trying for a while, so I got this one because it can really expand. I did not, however, take into account that my er….chest, would also expand. Sadly, I’ve had to retire this dress to the back of the closet until next summer. Owen is rockin his JBF outfit (shorts and shirt) and a Hello Kitty purse my sister gave him.

Pretty linen skirt with tank

I got this little number at Old Navy a few weeks back when they were having their major sale. (75% off? Yes please!) Neither pieces are maternity, since I’m a cheapo and refuse to pay more than $25 for a shirt I’m only going to wear a few more months. The shirt was about $4 and the skirt was $6. I got the shirt in a bigger size than I usually wear and the skirt is elastic.

My "fancy" outfit

I can’t take credit for this beautiful outfit. My hubby picked it out for me. The shirt and skirt are both from a little boutique here, Baby Bumps. The shirt is cotton, so it’s pretty breathable and the skirt is one of my FAVORITES I’ve ever owned. It is stretchy, but without the maternity panel, so you better believe I’ll be wearing this after I have little baby.

Jambu Shoes.

My shoes….I LOVE them. My mama got them for me at Nordstrom’s in the spring of this year.  I am so in love with these Jambu‘s and wear them almost daily. (If not the Jambu shoes, then I wear my $4 Target flip flops I got after Owen was born. Don’t judge, they are comfy.)

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been wearing. I’ll save myself the embarrassment of posting a picture of me wearing my hubby’s t-shirt with holes in it and the pajama shorts I have been known to wear until noon on occasion. 🙂


Things I’m Loving


Maybe it’s cause I’m preggo, maybe it’s because I’m feeling incredibly stuck in our tiny apartment while it’s still in the 50’s outside and pouring rain and I have no idea how to entertain an energetic 4 year old while I’m nauseous and I’m starving…..but here are a few things I’m totally loving right now.

Sonic: Cherry Limeade. Route 44 size. Go between 2-4 for Happy Hour and get this little drink of heaven half off. Hubby started a new job today in downtown (near the Sonic) and I asked him to pick me one up after work. Fingers crossed.

Blooma Sateen Bedding

Garnet Hill: This fancy, incredibly cute duvet cover. (It’s part of the Blooma collection.) I love our rainbow colored Pottery Barn duvet cover, but I like change. This just says RELAX.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip. You better believe that I got all the ingredients at the store to make this. I’m halfway tempted to just go make it now. As dinner. I also got a breadbowl to cook it in. YUM. I’m starving.

Sweet Tea. From McDonalds. Don’t judge. I swear, it helps me with morning sickness and nausea more than ginger ale and my motion sickness bands. YUM. And it’s only a dollar. I love a good bargain.

Old Navy Maternity Tees. I just got this one on clearance this weekend. I’m actually wearing it today. I heart it. It totally does not look like it’s maternity when it’s on. Just flowy. I also got 2 long sleeve maternity shirts for 97 cents each. SCORE.

So, what are you all loving this week? My stomach is growling. Apparently my Subway sandwich and half box of Raisinets didn’t fill me up. Spinach & Artichoke Dip anyone?

Also, a huge shout out to my hubby. He started his new job with Dell today. As of 3:00, he was JUST eating lunch because he was “working hard.” He gets off at 4:30. He won’t be hungry for dinner. More dip for me. Great job on your new…uh, job, Honey! We are so proud of you!! xoxo

Kitchen Essential


I love to bake. LOVE. I’m starting to love to cook, too. Baking, for me, is so relaxing. I love the predictability of baking cookies. All the ingredients are measured out, leveled, mixed, etc. With cooking, it’s a little more unsettling for me. A dash of salt? How much is a dash? Why can’t you just say 1/8 t of salt? Anyways, now that I actually have the time and energy to spend on cooking and baking, here are a few things in my kitchen that I can’t live without.

Classic Batter Bowl by Pampered Chef

I got this for Christmas this year from my mom and I LOVE it. It holds 8 cups (2 Qts) and is microwave safe, oven safe up to 350 and perfect. The lid fits tightly on the bowl and keeps cookie dough fresh.

Calphalon Dutch Oven

I use this dutch oven all the time. I can go from the stove top to the oven and its a beautiful thing. The one I have does not have the glass lid though, just stainless steel. I can use this to boil pasta, cook a roast or saute veggies. Love this.

Calphalon Everyday Pan

I actually do use my Everyday pan every single day. Scrambling eggs, browning onions…anything you can imagine. This is also oven safe and my mom makes a mean frittata in hers.

OXO Angled Measuring Cups

I’ve had these cups for years and they are great. Instead of getting eye level with the cups to see how much liquid is in the cup, you look down at it. So genius.

J.A. Henckels

I don’t have these exact knives, but I have this brand. My knives have a steel handle instead of the black ones. I use these for just about everything, except opening the mail. haha My mom got me a handheld sharpener that is fantastic. I seriously didn’t need to sharpen these knives as soon as I thought I would. A good knife set can make all the difference in cooking.

KitchenAid Mixer, circa 1977

This is THE mixer I have…same color and all. If you are going to get a KitchenAid, get one of the older ones when it was still made by Hobart. They have metal gears on the inside, and won’t need hardly any maintenance. My mixer’s name is Ramona and she is awesome. I did have to get a new bowl (I like the kind with the handle) and a new paddle attachment, since the older one had gotten loose. Other than that, I haven’t had any problems with her. The best thing is when you are making cookies, you can seriously just pour the flour in and let the mixer do the work.

Anything I’m missing? Let me know. I love to find a new kitchen gadget that I haven’t heard about. 🙂