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Show of hands. How many of you know what reiki is?

Next show of hands. How many have actually had a reiki session?

GUYS. Life changing. Sure, maybe I thought that it was a bunch of hooplah over nothing. Seriously, how could I feel better, get things off my chest, work through problems, etc in an hour, while a Reiki Master laid her hands on me?

I’ve had three Reiki sessions as of writing this post (with lots more to happen, I’m sure.)

Reiki by definition is: The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”

Life changing.

I was introduced to Reiki when Colin was 1 day old. My midwife’s assistant, Tiffany is a Reiki Master. I was upset because Colin was having his heel prick done. Tiffany literally just laid her hands on my back and magically, I felt fine. I wasn’t worried or upset any longer.

I won’t go into details on my Reiki sessions, but it’s seriously like a therapy/healing/get your sh*t straight session all in one. And I am better because of it.

So, if I have any readers in the Reno area, let me know if you’d like Tiffany’s info. You will not be sorry.

And PS. This isn’t a plug for Tiffany or Reiki. Just wanted to share my experience with how life altering this can be.


School/ Homeschool/ Unschooling??


Where to even begin? I guess I’ll start off by saying Owen and Colin spend the majority of their day playing together. Legos, building blocks, make believe, dress up, mommy & daddy, etc. They are learning through their play and I love that. I’ve felt pressure lately that I’m somehow not doing enough “real” schooling with Owen. We don’t have lesson plans or things to check off our list. We aren’t bound by homework or waking up at a certain time. And truth be told. I LOVE that. I love to plan and schedule just as much as the next person, but I really enjoy the freedom of not having to do anything if we don’t feel like it.

We kind of abandoned our homeschool curriculum this year, about 2 months in. We had finished all the required reading, done the suggested experiments, and we felt good. Owen has a math workbook that he loves and will often do 6 or 7 lessons at a time. We go to the Discovery Museum a lot, now that we have a membership. We visit the library and I let him decide what books to check out and what he wants to learn about. This is really unschooling…..

So why oh why did I enroll him in a public, online (aka at home) school for the remainder of 1st grade? Pressure. Panic. Doubt. And now that the boxes of books and curriculum are set to arrive any day now, Owen has shut down. He has repeatedly told me he doesn’t want to spend his days at a computer. He doesn’t want someone to tell him what to learn. And I didn’t listen. I tried to convince him (and myself) that this is what we needed. UGH.

So, we are going to give it a go for 1 month. Knowing that after the month is up, if both of us hate it then I’ll withdraw him and send the books back.

The thought of unschooling the boys feels comforting and calming to me. And Owen. Or, child-led learning because I don’t want to imply there is no learning (or schooling) taking place.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go prepare for a phone call from Owen’s “teacher” to discuss my plans for this school year. I hope she doesn’t mind honesty and a slightly hippie parent. 🙂  

First Day of 1st Grade…delayed


Because sure, I should be on top of things and should have already ordered the curriculum and started. But…I haven’t. Instead, we’ve been having play dates and picnics and digging huge holes in the backyard and filling them with water. And then, after those children who have dug said hole and filled with said water are completely caked in dried mud, a bath is needed. So, I do what any other mother does while cooking dinner and kids are dirty. I put them in the kitchen sink and bathed them. 

Done and done.

Owen started gymnastics a couple of months ago and has already moved up into a boys only class. He’s loving his class and his coach. His coach asked us if we’d be interested in having Owen come twice a week, once in the evenings and once in the mornings. Yeah for homeschooling that can allow for flexible scheduling! 

Owen has rediscovered his walkie talkies and O.M.G. That child talks so much already, but even more with the walkies. Someone help me. He walks around the house with his, describing what he sees, asking what we’ll have for dinner, his feelings about his brother (and any other possible future siblings (what?!)), the weather, his thoughts about why the sky is blue…..and this is only in the past 15 minutes. 

Colin has really picked up the talking thing and I’m so glad. It’s hard to figure out what he wants when all he says is eeeeeee. So far, he can say: uh-oh, mama, dada, baba (for Owen), nose, eye, ear, teeth, hair and baby. Baby is by far is favorite word. Everything is a baby. EVERY. THING. 

Well, since it’s after 10, I guess I’ll get my kids dressed. And do laundry. Holla. 

It’s Only Been like…a YEAR


Hey. I’m here. Yep…right here. Just living the high life, raising my boys, making dog food, planning our homeschooling year. Most days, I feel like I’m just existing, trying to get through to the next phase in our lives. Other days (like today, for example)  I’m like, heck yes I’m doing this! I mean, it’s almost 10am, I’m just now drinking my 7am cup of coffee and I’m in my jammies. Whatevs, people. The thing is, is that I’m here. I’ll try to blog more often. Try, being the key word. 


Owen is excited about starting first grade this year. FIRST GRADE?! What in the world. Colin is 19 months, walking around, trying to talk (favorite words: BAY-BEE!!, Uh-oh, mama, mama, MAMA.) Piper, our sweet rescue dog, is allergic to everything under the sun, so I’ve been making her dog food. Unfortunately, she is also allergic to some of the ingredients in her vitamins I’ve been feeding her. Next week, another visit to the holistic vet. Ugh. 

The hubs is doing super. He’s manager of IT at the hospital now and rocking it. I’m just happy I got my couponing stock pile organized this week. Big things, people. Big things. 

And now, a picture. Or two. 



My sweet baby is no longer a baby, really. 


ImageOwen, showing us his hello wave. Pardon the huge thing of pickles on the floor. We love pickles. 


ImageOh my heavens. These two boys are so sweet. 



I’m Still Here!


Wow…having a baby makes you lose your mind….and free time. 🙂 I’m still here…hanging on. We moved to our new house almost 2 weeks ago, so we’ve been preoccupied with the move, among other things. I hope to be back to more regular blogging soon! 🙂 



2 Weeks Old


Man, I swear that time is flying by. How do I already have a baby who is 15 days old? Colin is asleep on my chest and I’m typing this (painfully slow) with one hand. Owen is doing so fantastic and has shown no signs of jealousy. He calls Colin “my little sweet pea” and “baby acorn.” He really loves his brother and I love watching Owen interact with him. 

I’m still trying to find the time to write my birth story. I want to do it while it’s still fresh. I want to do it while I’m smelling this sweet boy and looking at all the pictures we have. 

Okay, time to nurse this little one…again. I promise to write more. I’m still trying to get the hang of having 2 kids. 


Diaper Bag


Because I’m a virgo and mostly Type A, I love to plan ahead. I love to make lists and then make categories within those lists, so I essentially have a list within a list. Heaven. Anyways, Sean has the Kindle with the ads on the bottom, and last night he got an ad for baby gear. If you spend $50 on Amazon, you get $25 off. So, essentially, half off. It could only be used towards certain things. NOT towards diapers, wipes, clothing…the good stuff. So, I searched for diaper bags. I’m almost convinced that I’m having a girl, but I got a print that wouldn’t be too girly if this baby is a boy. Either way, I’m carrying the bag, I’m a girl. I think it’s okay to have some pink. And anyhoodle, Owen’s favorite color is pink. 🙂

Here is the bag I got:  I got it in the Flower Power print. Check out the removable bottom with all the little compartments! Ahh! So great. AND free shipping. Thanks, honey!!

Other than that, it’s been a quiet day. Grocery store, a load of laundry, and hubby cleaned the bath tub for me.

Sean is on his 4 day work schedule now (10 hour days) so he goes back to work tomorrow. I’m loving that he’s home 3 days for his weekends now.

No pictures in this post, but just check out how awesome my diaper bag is one more time. 🙂